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Written by Marenne on September 6th, 2014  | Posted under /Case Binding.

After messing around with vinyl records for quite a while I came up with two techniques of manipulating the material to create imagery on the record itself.
One style is called ‘Liquid Letters’, where the raised lines stay shiny and the background goes matte. The other style is called ‘Sunken Script’. The image is sunken into the record and the background stays shiny instead.
These books are samples made with the logo and lyrics from the band Icon for Hire. The books are, as it’s called, bound on boards. The record itself acts as the cover. The dimensions of the books are 14x9x1 cm and they have 192 pages/sides.

Visit my Etsy Shop to order one of these with your own name, quote, logo or design! You can choose between 8 vibrant colors, two techniques, two cover layouts and 5 fonts!
Here’s a link to Icon for Hire’s Youtube Channel, have a listen!

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