/Portfolio: Upcycled Cloth Sack Book Series

Written by Marenne on April 19th, 2013  | Posted under /Long Stitch Binding.

This is a series of books made from used potato and coffee cloth sacks. I used the pieces with prints because they intrigued me the most. I made 10 books and developed 4 different types of closures: button, rope, magnet and one where you have to put a pen or pencil through 3 loops. The inside of the books is made from recycled cotton curtains. The books also have a little pocket to put loose documents in.
I started these books a little under a year ago, back in my old house. It’s very difficult to sew these materials without having it all fall apart. I think I also broke a few machine-needles and had to take the stitching out of the first one a couple of times. Then the move to my new place got in the way. But, eventually, they got finished!