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Written by Marenne on February 26th, 2019  | Posted under /Bound on Cords.

A portfolio album, custom ordered by Asmae el Ouariachi, an Allround Fashion Stylist. It is an A3+ book, with a concertina/harmonica back, bound on 11 cords that disappear into the covers. The front cover has a lowered square surface to accommodate an image. I added a thinner cord to close the book. The book has 20 black pages (40 sides) and 4 semi-transparent pages for double sided sketches. After receiving the book, Asmae filled it, personalized it and sent me some pictures. I’ve attached those to this post.

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  1. Lawrence Piper wrote on February 26th, 2019:

    You sure do fantastic work, Marenne! :) pip

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