/Portfolio: Pip Studio Wallpaper Book Series

Written by Marenne on February 27th, 2012  | Posted under /Case Binding, /Bound on Cords, /Long Stitch Binding.

A friend of mine rescued some of this Pip Studio Wallpaper from going to waste. She managed to rip quite a large piece of the wall. I made 4 books out of it. One is a case bound book, half bookbinders cloth, half wallpaper, with a elastic band and lined paper. Two are bound on ropes that disappear inside the covers, blank pages, with loose ribbon around them. The last book is woven (through a slotted spine) with scraps, then ‘embroidered’, also blank pages, and with a fastened ribbon around it.
Rescued wallpaper isn’t that easy to work with. This paper also had several layers of previous paper glued onto it, so it was pretty thick. And because it was ripped off of a wall, it was quite uneven. The end-result is nice though, in my opinion!