Here are the newest projects.

/Portfolio: Gitana’s Farewell Collection

Written by Marenne on December 14th, 2019 | no comments

Commissioned by the Montessorischool Landsmeer. A Farewell collection for a colleague with a new job. All the kids from that school decorated 1 a4 sheet of paper. I sewed these together using the overcast stitch method. I made 1 book per age-group. The 3 books fit perfectly into the folder I created with a paper-mosaic and color ribbons.

/Portfolio: Portfolio Album Asmae

Written by Marenne on February 26th, 2019 | one comment

A portfolio album, custom ordered by Asmae el Ouariachi, an Allround Fashion Stylist. It is an A3+ book, with a concertina/harmonica back, bound on 11 cords that disappear into the covers. The front cover has a lowered square surface to accommodate an image. I added a thinner cord to close the book. The book has 20 black pages (40 sides) and 4 semi-transparent pages for double sided sketches. After receiving the book, Asmae filled it, personalized it and sent me some pictures. I’ve attached those to this post.

/Portfolio: Holiday Cards 2018

Written by Marenne on January 6th, 2019 | no comments

For my 2018 Holiday Cards I decided to use a technique I’d used that summer with the kids in my creative wednesday workshops: Faux Stained Glass. I created 25 cards with plastic overhead sheets, drawing and coloring in the holly leaves and berry’s by hand. Around the edges are holiday wishes in two languages. The cards were delivered with lengths of red ribbon so that the cards could be hung in front of the receivers windows.