Here are the newest projects.

/Portfolio: Holiday Cards 2020 – Magnetic Ice Crystal Mosaic Puzzle

Written by Marenne on December 25th, 2020 | no comments

For this years Holiday Cards I put my robot army to work! I designed a mosaic which which the recipients could either create an ice crystal of their own or recreate one of the examples in the accompanying booklet. I then created a box of sort to hold all the pieces. The puzzle was printed on my new 3d printer and all the pieces have tiny magnets inside. Every piece can be used on either side. The box has a sheet of whiteboard inside to hold the pieces during storage and shipment. To further ensure the pieces wouldn’t shift during shipment I created a slip case out of heavy cardboard with acrylic pour fractals in two colors blue and a gold colored holiday greeting embossed with my Foil Quill and my Plotter/Cutting machine.
Do you have a 3d printer? The files for this mosaic can be downloaded for free on Thingiverse here.

/Portfolio: Triplet Photo Albums

Written by Marenne Hoeksema on May 23rd, 2020 | no comments

Photo albums for the Triplets Bram, Luuk and Tijs. Made after the design of the birth announcement card. The moon/ the balloons in the right top corners are made as an inlay with the name in gold level with the rest of the book. Images are made with black texture-foil, shiny gold foil and biotop white paper. I also made 3 matching mini’s.

/Portfolio: Ingrid’s Study Guides

Written by Marenne on January 14th, 2020 | no comments

These books were commissioned by Ingrid, who needed readers for a masterclass she was teaching. The 15 books are bound with the Long Stitch binding in a valleys of a concertina cover. The three parts of the reader are separated by sewn in tabs. The title is visible through a window in the cover and the books close with a paper string and button closure.