/Portfolio: Millennium (Home-Print) Book

Written by Marenne on October 4th, 2011  | Posted under /Single Sheet Binding.

I made this book for Shimaira van Beusekom‘s story Millennium. It’s a home print book, which means that she’ll have to print the pages herself, using the A5 setting. I did this because her book is not finished yet. What I did do is create a Microsoft Word lay-out with the correct marges and a titelpage. I created a dreamcatcher in the cover of the book, that will protect you in your dreams when you read the book just before going to bed!

When the lace is taken out of the book all the pages can be taken out separately. I constructed this method especially for this book. The downside of this – off course – is that the book doesn’t open as perfectly as a sewn book would. It still opens good enough to read normally. The text is done with silverfoil, which doesn’t perform as good as I hoped it would. I think it’s my technique rather than the product through.