/Portfolio: Memories Book J&A

Written by Marenne Hoeksema on June 7th, 2021  | Posted under /Case Binding.

For the occasion of a.o. their wedding anniversary, Jan en Agnes organized a weekend get together for 3 families, including mine. For a thank you gift we decided to fill a book with pictures and memories of our time together with them. Each familie tackled this task in their own unique way. After I’d received everything I designed the document and sent it off to the printers. The book has been made to look like a caravan because Jan en Agnes love to travel. Through the cutouts in the cover (the windows) one can see the portraits of the 3 families (blurred for privacy reasons). For me, this was a good occasion to experiment with using 3d-printed elements in bookbinding. I used this to create the window frames, doors and wheel wells. Every family received one book and Jan en Agnes also received a matching box to keep the book and accompanying USB-drive save. My first book box! The design of the endpapers and cloth on the box was inspired by the uphulstury in the caravan my family used to vacation in when I was young.