I’ve set up one room in my home as an atelier, my own little factory. Below you can view some pictures.

In my atelier you can find amongst other things:

  • A lever cutting machine and a trimmer for general work.
  • A vertical plough and a stack cutter to trim the edges of book blocks.
  • A Craft Robo electronic plotter/cutter for precision work.
  • Various book presses.
  • A lumbeck-machine for making soft-cover books.
  • Various printers.
  • A corner-rounder and an eyelet machine for finishing touches.
  • Two studio lamps and a background cloth for product photography.
  • A blender for making paper pulp.
  • Frames in a variety of sizes for making paper.
  • A paper drying machine that uses fans.
  • A drying rack.