/Portfolio: Holiday Cards 2009 / 2010

Written by Marenne on December 29th, 2013  | Posted under /No Books.

When I realized that this year was my 5th anniversary of making my own christmas Cards, I thought it would be nice to share the cards from the first 2 years. I borrowed the cards from my friends who still had them to take some photographs.

The 2009 cards are made from 5 different colors shiny papers. I cut the bells out by hand and put them back together in 4 different ways. The holiday message is found inside the folded green colored card.

The 2010 cards are made with old dutch bustickets, woven together. I then sewed bells and christmas trees onto them. I placed this on top of several pieces of card-stock held together with two eyelets. The message is found on the back of the cards.