/Portfolio: Dogs of War

Written by Marenne on April 20th, 2011  | Posted under /Case Binding.

On the 1st of april I read a wonderful story on deviantART.com, named Dogs of War, written by Muzica G. Fort (profile). At that time, I’d been waiting to bind a book with more than one edition for some time. I asked her if she would mind if I bound her story. She was very enthusiastic about the idea, and so it began. We emailed a lot to sync our ideas. I did the layout, the line-art and the binding of the book. The art on the paper cover was made by another deviant, called DanceOnMines (profile). We’re from America, Holland and Singapore, so this is truly a multi-continent project! This book was bound using the classic German binding. The cover is made out of red bookbinderscloth with an graphic drawn on it.
View a step-by-step report on the bookbinding process here.

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