/Portfolio: Debbie’s European Bucket List Book

Written by Marenne on May 23rd, 2019  | Posted under /Case Binding.

These books were commissioned by the Marriott European Business Councils to commemorate the retirement celebration of Debbie Marriott. Every council received a questionnaire enquiring about their best moments with Debbie and recommendations for future visits to their respective countries. I used their answers and pictures to create the inner layout for the bucket list book. I ended up creating 2 extra books (1 copy, 1 simple) for archival purposes. The cover of the book is made with gold paper and in inlay of a map of part of Europe. The book closes with a hidden magnetic strip. The endpapers are black with a gold pattern created with part of the Marriott European Business Councils logo. The simple copy has these endpapers as well, but in creme-white. The books have gold ribbons and were printed on biotop paper.