/Portfolio: Christmas Cards 2013

Written by Marenne on December 19th, 2013  | Posted under /Handmade Paper.

Every year I make my own Christmas cards implementing techniques I learned that year.
This year I’ve spend a great deal of time learning to make my own paper. These cards are made from recycled milk cartons and P-hooks. In the shop I work at hats come with these hooks attached. When we sell the hats, usually we cut them off and throw them out. But I decided to collect them instead.
I arranged the hooks in ‘snowflake’ patterns and pressed them into the pulp in the paper making process. I added red glitter and a tiny bit of green paper to the pulp to come to this color.
On the back of the card is a small piece of paper with a silver-foil Christmas greeting. I attached it with four more hooks.
The last five pictures show the project in progress. In one you can see a wooden drying box. This box has old computer fans in the back. I put the paper in between corrugated cardboard. The air blowing through them makes sure the paper dries in 8 hours instead of several days.