/Portfolio: BBB Business Cards

Written by Marenne on January 20th, 2014  | Posted under /Handmade Paper.

These are the new business cards for my shop. They double as bookmarks. To me, the most interesting part about these cards are the way they were made. They were – in fact – made from scratch [or milk cartons, if you wish].

The active time it took to create these (232) cards was 24 hours. However – including all the waiting, it took about a week.

  • First I took a whole bunch of juice and milk cartons and extracted the inner paper core. I made a bucket of pulp [that goo] with this, added a bit of blue and some aquarel paper to get a whiter color.
  • I used a technique for making the paper that I like to call ‘pouring paper’. Rather than ‘scooping’ it out of a big vat with a deckle (frame), I poured it [including a lot of excess water] into a deep reversible frame. This technique was developed by Akira Matsumoto for post-card sized paper. I adapted it for making a5 and a4 papers.
  • I pressed a whole lot of paper B’s [that I cut with my Craft Robo] into the pulp. After creating 18 of these pages I dried the paper using my drying box. [This involves fans, corrugated cardboard, blotting paper and a heavy weight.] The paper was so thick it took almost 24 hours to dry!
  • After drying, I put a layer of clear-coat on the B side and glued information [biotop] papers onto the other side. After letting this dry [again] I cut the paper to size, punched holes and added ribbons.