/Portfolio: A Carpet of Purple Flowers – Custom Novel

Written by Marenne on February 23rd, 2014  | Posted under /Case Binding.

This book was commissioned by Tracey-Anne McCartney. She wrote an awesome supernatural novel called ‘A Carpet of Purple Flowers’ and wanted to gift herself a special single edition book. Our cooperation went wonderful. We first emailed each other a couple of times and came up with the sketch as seen in the last picture.
The book is bound with a German binding. It’s got nebula endpapers. The front cover has a circular hole cut through and through. Woven in is a 7-pointed star – a faery star. I also attached a lot of 7-pedalled flowers to the front cover. The letters on the front cover are added in silver-heatfoil. At the back of the book there’s a fold-out featuring the alphabet as described in the book. The book has got 480 pages, all printed on recycled off-white biotop paper.