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/Portfolio: Portfolio Album Asmae
A portfolio album, custom ordered by Asmae el Ouariachi, an Allround Fashion Stylist. It is an A3+ book, with a concertina/harmonica back, bound on 11 cords that disappear into the covers. The front cover...View this post
/Shop: Natural Notebooks with Cinnamon Bark and Porcupine Quills from Indonesia
These beautiful natural notebooks are bound with a variation on the Long Stitch binding. The covers and closures are made from Cinnamon Bark and I used Porcupine Quills in the binding. Both materials originated...Go to Etsy
/Portfolio: Guestbook Sofie & Benjamin
A custom ordered guestbook for a 10 year anniversary party. The book is 30 cm wide and 40 cm tall. It has 40 exchangeable pages and is bound with three 6 cm book screws!...View this post
/Shop: CUSTOMIZABLE – Pocket Vinyl Record Notebook Liquid Letters
Have your own name, quote, logo or design created on this vinyl record pocketbook! I have invented two techniques of manipulating the material to create imagery on vinyl records. This style is called 'Liquid...Go to Etsy
/DIY: The Making of a Vinyl Record Book
A commission: the making of a hot pink vinyl record book for a wedding in New York.View this post
/Shop: One tiny handmade book for the Christmas Tree, Christmas decoration, Christmas ornaments
Cute little ornaments for the Christmas Tree. Every book is a unique product and is handmade with workmanship and care. The books are completely useable. This means that - for instance - you could...Go to Etsy