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/Shop: CUSTOMIZABLE – Small Vinyl Record Notebook Sunken Script
Have your own name, quote, logo or design created on this vinyl record pocketbook! I have invented two techniques of manipulating the material to create imagery on vinyl records. This style is called Sunken...Go to Etsy
/Portfolio: Holiday Cards 2015
This year, my left leg was in a cast for six weeks. I started to see shapes in the cast, so I decided to make my holiday cards from synthetic plaster bandages. One roll...View this post
/News: Shopping spree in Madrid
I went on holiday to Madrid and visited a few paper stores there. I bought the marbled paper (5 real ones) at Amillo, a kind of wholesaler where you can't browse but are assisted...View this post
/Shop: Tiny Handmade Gift Label Books, 3 pieces
Cute little books to put on your gifts, etc. Each book is a unique product and is handmade with workmanship and care. The books are completely useable. This means that - for instance -...Go to Etsy
/Portfolio: Hin’s Sketchbook
A commissioned large blank sketchbook. The cover is made with Rexine artificial leather pressed in and over the cardboard design and text. The paper used is heavy biotop plus. The book has a loop...View this post
/DIY: Rainbow Book Tutorial
This is a tutorial on how to make a notebook with a binding specified as "long stitch though a slotted spine with woven cover". I prefer to just call it "woven long stitch".View this post